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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Colleen

E-INFOSOL’s Team Member spotlight is on Colleen. She works as a People and Culture Director for E-INFOSOL.

Colleen, who oversees Human Resources (HR) and Talent Acquisition (TA), plays a crucial role in the organization. Her HR responsibilities include managing employee relations, performance appraisals, training, compensation, benefits, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. In TA, she leads E-INFOSOL’s team of recruiters, develops recruitment strategies, supports sourcing and interviewing, and ensures a positive candidate experience. She also manages onboarding processes and promotes the company as an employer of choice. Her role demands a balance of strategic thinking, operational efficiency, and strong interpersonal skills to effectively manage the workforce and attract top talent.

What does she like most about working at E-INFOSOL?

“I love interacting with team members in all departments of the company each day, learning about them, and how I can help make their work life better!”

Fun Fact About Colleen: She owns a custom cake and cookie business!