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Team Member Spotlight

Team Member Spotlight: Lynn

E-INFOSOL’s Team Member Spotlight is on Lynn. Lynn is E-INFOSOL’s Contract/ Program Specialist. Her position covers a variety of duties. She works on programs from initial discussions and documentation through award and ongoing billing. She is also involved in the pricing and invoicing portions of the programs.

What does she love about working at E-INFOSOL?

I love the people and the collaborative atmosphere they create. Everyone is willing to help each other and have the same mission to deliver the best results for customers. Since I started with E-INFOSOL I have never received a “No” answer to a question or request for help. The culture of the company is truly its strength and one of the key reasons I wanted to work for E-INFOSOL.

Fun Fact About Lynn: She’s not allowed to go to a bookstore or a garden center without a chaperone!