In simple terms, virtualization provides IT systems with flexibility and mobility by creating a software driven environment that simplifies managing IT tasks. In turn, this results in increased business agility and productivity.

E-INFOSOL has the required hands-on expertise and product offerings for supporting business virtualization efforts, whether it is data center migration and consolidation, infrastructure virtualization, or desktop virtualization.  Our virtualization solutions include the following:

Datacenter infrastructure is the enabler for organizations to transition to an App-Driven world. At E-INFOSOL we modernize IT datacenters and operations by introducing software-defined and hyper-converged infrastructure methods that will consolidate hardware silos, adjust to rapid application changes, and eliminate application reliance on physical infrastructure. Modern data centers must rapidly adapt to new requirements. This is where software defined datacenter product sets and infrastructure as code step in to allow virtual and even bare metal environments to be provisioned, used and repurposed in rapid fashion to meet ever the requirements of an ever-evolving landscape.

According to a recent Gartner report, desktop virtualization reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (the sum of cost acquisitions of a desktop PC and costs associated with supporting it over its useful life) by up to 50%. Savings come from fast provisioning and desktop deployment, simplified security and compliance, and more efficient management of key tasks.

Let us help lower your organization’s IT costs while boosting your efficiency through a variety of virtual destktop strategies, allowing you to do more with less. Virtual desktop implementation supports multiple users in remote locations, maintaining a secure gateway to your organization’s data and applications. Additionally, it provides a flexible, full PC experience regardless of network connectivity; perfect for mobile users working on- or offline.

Furthermore, virtual desktops facilitate managing your organization’s entire IT system. For instance, otherwise cost- ;and labor-intensive desktop hardware and software refreshes can be done efficiently from one central location. Also, managing compliance from a central location—rather than one desktop at a time—minimizes the risk of breaches, in addition to saving time and money.

When the business structure transforms, whether it is through an expansion or mergers and acquisitions, using virtual desktops to set up and manage corporate data can help keep budgets and schedules under control. Contact us for more information.

A data center is the heart and brains of any operation—holding your organization’s most sensitive information–, migrating and consolidating data centers can be a risky task. Therefore, using proven methods and expertise to plan, manage, and execute a data center migration is critical to ensuring the security of your sensitive information and business continuity.

At E-INFOSOL, we leverage the most effective solutions to execute Physical to Virtual (P2V) server consolidation and data center migrations to Cloud Service Providers (CSP) or co-locations spaces.