E-INFOSOL’s cloud service offerings target Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) service models. All service models look to reduce the business needs of incurring capital and operating expenses on the underlying IT infrastructure to increase a customer’s mission capabilities and IT service offerings.

E-INFOSOL’s services include architecting, designing, and building on-premise IaaS private cloud infrastructures, as well as the migration of customer enterprise services to off-premise cloud services provided by third party partner vendors (e.g. AWS, Azure), based on customer requirements and policies. Cloud computing enables organizations to establish the cost structure and service levels that best suit their needs and can grow with the business. Whether a customer decides to build on-premise infrastructure or leverage an existing cloud infrastructure, organizations will be able to run business-critical applications with confidence, eliminating downtime and reducing Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Additionally, it delivers reliable and scalable services and reduce operational expenses through built-in intelligence and automation; and increases agility by using an enterprise hybrid cloud, providing a flexible architecture for delivering on-demand access to resources, wherever they reside.

Responsiveness – Gives IT the ability to respond to requirements and changes from the business faster than ever before.

Efficiency and lower OPEX – Greater automation of resources and provisioning across the enterprise, which reduces OPEX by lowering admin/server ratios. Lays the groundwork for self-service provisioning of resources by the line of business.

Elasticity/headroom on-demand: – Radically reduces the need to build for peak by allowing resources to be provisioned on-demand in order to scale up or to release and recover capacity that is no longer needed.

E-INFOSOL cloud migration strategy adopts several methodologies, including:

· Lift and Shift – Consists of re-hosting systems with minimal to no changes. We focus on migrating system state by leveraging application and data migration tools and services.

· Re-platform – Also called “Lift, Tinker, and Shift”, this method requires re-architecting systems to leverage CSP IaaS and PaaS services.

· Refactor – This method requires a complete re-architecture of systems and applications to meet cloud native services.

· Data Migration – Leverages various services to migrate data from on-premise services to the cloud.

Our cloud migrations SMEs are CSP certified and have hands-on experience migrating mission critical systems to the cloud. As part of our migration services we also ensure integration with a customer’s enterprise services e.g. networks, IAM, endpoint protection, logging and monitoring, etc.

E-INFOSOL SMEs tailor cloud solutions to meet your organization’s specific security, compliance and remediation requirements through a single console, transparently and auditable. Leveraging continuously automated compliance capabilities across all environments, we can help you meet operational best practices and comply with guidelines and regulatory requirements.

E-INFOSOL CSP account provisioning services provides our customer a streamlined process for creating AWS accounts and Azure subscriptions. We create a CI/CD pipeline that provisions Infrastructure as Code (IaC), Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles and policies; providing day one capabilities to customers for developing new mission capabilities in the cloud. Our Cloud IAM (CIAM) approach integrates with customer’s Identity Providers (IdP) and provide least privilege access to services.

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