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E-INFOSOL’s Team Member Spotlight is on their Chief Administrative Officer, Tracy Scagliarini. Tracy is responsible for managing and overseeing all corporate accounting tasks including but not limited to Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, PCI bookkeeping operations, Accounting, Auditing, and Tax Compliance. She provides an overview, improves processes, and quality management for all Direct and Indirect Payroll Management Tasks. She also trains, counsels, and mentors HR and Accounting team members.
When asked what she loves about working at E-INFOSOL, she was quick to reply:
I love the comradery, the intellect of the employees, the team spirit of working together regardless of your role, and this expands to our clients.  We work together for the better of whatever the client mission is.  I worked for a large company for many years and loved working there for what they could offer. Then, I retired and 18 months later, E-INFOSOL came into my life.  A small company has some limitations but the excitement of seeing it progress and grow and be successful is so much fun.  Of course, a great CEO, who understands business, the technology of what makes our company who it is and who has a lot of personality is definitely KEY!
Fun Fact About Tracy: She likes furniture with color and chalk paints almost anything she can get her hands on when she has time. Her family rescues dogs and other animals. They get them shots, spayed/neutered, and finds them homes. She’s always trying to give back to the community through volunteering in the Laurel area and is very much into Yoga. Namaste!